Kazunoko Kombu

Marinated Kazunoko Kombu

This recipe comes out rather dark compared to pictures I’ve seen.  It’s a simple recipe (I cheat) and very good.  Kazunoko is a crunchy roe, it’s briny and slightly bitter.  Eat some each year to insure the fertility of your family.

12 oz kazunoko kombu (herring roe on seaweed)
¼ cup Memmi (Noodle soup base made by Kikkoman)
1 cup water
Alternate sauce:
1 cup dashi
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/6 C mirin
Soak the kazunoko in a large bowl of cold water for 7-9 hours and change the water about 3 times.  This is to get rid of the extra salt that is used to preserve it.  Taste a piece and make sure it is not too salty.  (It will be salty but it shouldn’t scrunch up your face.)
Cut it in pieces as desired and soak it in the Memmi and water for at least a couple of hours. 

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